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  • National Military Command Center


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  • The NMCC, which is pronounced “Nimic,” is essentially a cavernous war room where the Joint Chiefs and their staffs can monitor and, if need be, run a war that is taking place anywhere in the world.

    Vince Flynn Collectors’ Edition #2

  • Adjoining the NMCC is a smaller room in which one can see a set of IBM PC'AT personal computers - old ones with 5. 25-inch floppy drives - that constitute the Hot Line, the direct communications link between the American and Soviet presidents.

    The Sum of all Fears

  • ( "NMCC") has been split and samples sent to Skyline Assayers

    The Earth Times Online Newspaper

  • * New Mexico Copper Corporation ( "NMCC") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mercator Gold plc. News Articles

  • The left third showed Secretary of Defense Culbertson and General Flood who were in the NMCC at the Pentagon.

    Vince Flynn Collectors’ Edition #2

  • Most impressive, though, was its exact replica of the National Military Command Center NMCC that sits in the bowels of the Pentagon.

    Vince Flynn Collectors’ Edition #2

  • He realized his responsibility and went to the National Military Command Center (NMCC).

    In New Letter, Clinton's Lawyers Demand ABC Yank Film

  • On the NMCC teleconference, a lieutenant colonel now notifies the NMCC that the vice president has cleared fighters to engage inbound aircraft if they can verify that the aircraft is hijacked.

    Touching History

  • Neither Sliney nor the NMCC director—who is in direct contact with NORAD and, therefore, the fighters—will benefit from these conferences.

    Touching History

  • The information coming into NEADS is then being passed by Marr up the chain of command to General Arnold and NORAD headquarters, then finally back to the NMCC.

    Touching History


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