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  • adj. Relating to the Nabatean people or its language.
  • n. an ancient name for one of a people around modern Jordan.
  • n. the language of those people


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  • At the end of the winding path, I caught sight of the spectacular Treasury, carved out of the pink rock by Nabatean Arabs two millennia ago.

    Yvonne Yorke: PHOTOS: Cerebral Cruising Towards Antiquity

  • Bugelli, who also visited Jordan's most well-known heritage site, the 2,000-year-old Nabatean city of Petra, added: "It is a unique and irreplaceable landmark that belongs to all of us, to all humanity, and we must try to preserve and protect it for as long as we can."

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  • In A.D. 177, King Abgar of Osrhoene, a kingdom of Nabatean tribes from the northern Arabian Peninsula, made the city his capital, first under the protection of the Parthian Empire of ancient Persia.

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  • Second Lady Jill Biden and her husband Vice President Joe Biden visited the Nabatean city of Petra in southern Jordan today, which looks like rough terrain.

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  • And it is surrounded by archaeological sites dating back 10,000 years – Nabatean ruins, Roman copper mines, Byzantine churches, neolithic villages.

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  • She persuaded her father to ally himself with the Nabatean king against Herod (Ant. 15: 166 – 168).

    Hasmonean Women.

  • His marriage to Cyprus, the daughter of a Nabatean aristocrat, is proof of this.

    Herodian Women.

  • Antipas had previously been married to a Nabatean princess, daughter of the Nabatean king Aretas.

    Herodian Women.

  • The village was predominantly Nabatean in population makeup, but a sizeable Jewish community was formed there between the two revolts against Rome (73 – 132 C.E.).


  • The cistern network is modeled after the Nabatean systems of runoff agriculture, which used very low channels and surface modification to collect water from great catchment areas.

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