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  • n. A supporter of Ralph Nader (born 1934), American political activist.


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Nader +‎ -ite


  • It is laughable, too, to be so vilified and called Naderite or DINO for having principles about fair play.

    At MLK's Church, Obama Denounces Homophobia And Anti-Semitism

  • This year, the Green Party has disowned Mr. Nader, celebrities are nowhere to be found on the campaign trail and Michael Moore, the documentary maker formerly known as a Naderite, dropped to his knees on cable television recently, begging Mr. Nader to bow out of the race.

    Archive 2004-08-01

  • We described the underlying ideas of these utopians, the varying groups from which they sprang (ranging from mainline churches to so-called Naderite public interest groups to environmental groups to select think tanks, notably the Institute for Policy Studies and its spinoffs) and the success they had in obtaining financial backing (initially from a variety of foundations) and, in the Carter years, from government.

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  • Please try to use the terms "Naderite" and "naive" as much as possible when commenting on my comments.

    Hillary Endorsed By String Of Weeklies In New Hampshire

  • And to be sure, I'm not necessarily unhappy with all that; I particularly like -- but of course, I would -- Judis's acknowledgment that there is a "Naderite" streak in this new electoral grouping, in that it appears strongly committed to advocacy and participation and a distrust of those corporations and social structures which get in the way of the voices of consumers and voters being heard.

    In Medias Res

  • Seriously, though, I will join the Naderite freaks if the Dems roll over and die until November.

    Matthew Yglesias » Panic! at the Caucus Meeting

  • It is more likely that the Republican Party completes its collapse and that an all white green-Naderite party starts up to the left of the current Democratic Party.

    Matthew Yglesias » Identity Politics for White People

  • The regulation is a favorite of big Web content companies and Naderite consumerists who want more political sway over the Internet.

    Net Neutrality Override

  • Gigi Sohn, president of the Naderite outfit Public Knowledge, dusted off the sheet music to claim the deal would lead to "higher prices, fewer choices, less innovation."

    More Spectrum, Please

  • I want to hear real arguments about tactics to getting better HCR, but the “kill the bill” movement is increasingly sounding like another branch of the dead-end Naderite/PUMA movement.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Way Forward


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