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  • adjective Of or pertaining to Thomas Nagel (born 1937), American philosopher.


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Nagel +‎ -ian


  • (The Kemeny-Oppenheim notion of reduction/theory replacement is weaker than Nagelian reduction as it does not require such bridge principles connecting TA and TB.)

    Reductionism in Biology

  • It also derives from the fact that the Nagelian model of theoretical reduction treats the theoretical structures to be related at a designated time and because the physical science models used as a template for thinking about reduction emphasized spatial composition questions rather than causal relations.

    Reductionism in Biology

  • In this sense, the structuralist approach can be construed as a neo-Nagelian account.

    The Unity of Science

  • Feyerabend, for instance, promptly rebelled and rejected the adequacy of the conditions for Nagelian reductionism.

    The Unity of Science

  • (Sklar, 1967, p. 120) In fact, if something like Nagelian reduction is going to work, it is generally accepted that the bridge laws should reflect the existence of some kind of synthetic identity.

    Intertheory Relations in Physics

  • Philosophers and physicists have argued in favor of reduction in formal sense, whether in Nagelian theoretical relations or through relations between mathematical frameworks containing the relevant theories.

    The Unity of Science

  • Hull argued that genetics did not exemplify Nagelian reduction because the fundamental terms of classical genetics could not be suitably connected to expressions couched in terms of DNA.

    Molecular Genetics

  • Multiple realizability only challenges necessity (and nondisjunctive) reducing conditions, and so is not a challenge to even a projected Nagelian reduction of psychology to the physical sciences.

    Multiple Realizability

  • In testing this theory by field-observations and culture-experiments, the defenders of the Nagelian principle could easily produce evidence upon the first point.

    Species and Varieties, Their Origin by Mutation

  • These curious little desert-plants disprove the Nagelian views in two important points.

    Species and Varieties, Their Origin by Mutation


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