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  • Yaya, and Nagihiko are just side characters to the big Ikuto drama right now.

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  • Except because Nagihiko agreed with Amu and got her out of more explaining I am automatically suspicious of him because … Nagihiko pretty much knows and sees everything.

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  • I am glad that this scene was included finally (because it really shows how smart Nagihiko is~) but it makes me sad.

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  • What episode of Shugo Chara does Amu find out Nagihiko is Nadeshiko?

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  • Flashbacks occur of Nagihiko as Nadeshiko and how he always had to hold back because he was a "girl." Antenna

  • We also have really beautiful scenes of Nagihiko being teased by Kukai and in revenge getting the boys dressed into girls 'uniforms!!!

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  • She gets help from the other guardians (minus Nagihiko wtf …), they all transform (Amulet Angel makes a reappearance) to draw a crowd. News

  • It's like they decided to set Nagihiko aside after his first two episodes because he hasn't done anything significant since and here they decide to leave him out entirely. News

  • Well I would have liked to see Nagihiko, more Rima-tan. News

  • There is less than zero excuses for Nagihiko not joining the rest of the guardians. News


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