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  • proper n. A name for Vishnu.
  • proper n. A male given name used in India.


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From Sanskrit नारायण (nārāyaṇá).


  • Narayan is Indian, as is Rushdie, and Naipaul is Trinidadian.

    Who to Collect: British and American

  • Milan Kundera once said that all modern literature descends from either Richardson's Clarissa or Sterne's Tristram Shandy, and if Narayan is India's Richardson then Desani is his Shandean other.

    A Different Stripe:

  • I listened to whispers, heard repeats of the terms Narayan had used.

    Dreams of Steel

  • The skill with which he gave varied meanings to the name Narayan, and wove each letter of it through the web of his verses in all mariner of combinations, took away the breath of his amazed hearers.

    The Hungry Stones and Other Stories

  • Some people say that they remind them of the novels of that great Indian writer R.K. Narayan, which is very flattering, but I suppose I can see the similarities in the world which his and my books portray.

    Q&A with Alexander McCall Smith

  • She would call Narayan back from paradise or hell to make him pay for taking our daughter.

    Soldiers Live

  • CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- His doctors call Narayan Dhakal a walking miracle.


  • "Demystified!" was the first word Narayan uttered after coming out from the interview venue.

    United We Blog! for a Democratic Nepal

  • 'Narayan's insight, biographical writing style and deeply humane humour not only influenced me as a writer, but gave me immense pleasure as a reader.

    India eNews

  • Tertullian, arguing that water, as being God's earliest and most favoured creation, and brooded over by the spirit -- Vishnu also is called Narayan, "moving on the waters" -- was sanctifying in its nature, says: "'Well, but the nations, who are strangers to all understanding of spiritual powers, ascribe to their idols the imbuing of waters with the self-same efficacy.'

    The Freethinker's Text Book, Part II. Christianity: Its Evidences, Its Origin, Its Morality, Its History


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