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  • n. A proponent of Nasserism.


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Nasser +‎ -ist


  • The next-worst outcome is that the current regime survives by returning to its Nasserist roots as a secular but reactionary regime — populist in its economic policies, hostile to the U.S. and Israel, potentially a client of China, and in the market for a nuclear arsenal.

    The Way Forward in Egypt

  • Will the army now attempt, on the back of suppressive action in the streets, to shape a new version of the Nasserist state, or will the demonstrators shouting "We want a civilian government" in Tahrir Square prevail?

    Egypt: The army's fateful choice | Editorial

  • Mr. Sabahy is a former member of Egypt's leftist Nasserist Party, one of the few legal opposition parties under Mr. Mubarak, and a party with little popular base, widely seen as co-opted by the regime.

    Egypt's Activists Unite Against Military

  • In Egypt, ever since the Nasserist era, keeping control over statistics has been treated as a matter of national security.

    The politics of Egypt's feeble statistics

  • Each day, it seems, a new party forms to fill liberal, Nasserist, Marxist, Islamist and other niches.

    Among the Muslim Brothers

  • Mubarak assumed power in 1981 in the wake of President Sadat's tragic assassination at the hands of the very Islamist factions he empowered and used to combat opposing socialist and Nasserist political factions in the 70s.

    Wael Nawara: Gamal Mubarak for A Second Term?

  • Do you know that the Mustafa Khalil, who led Egypt's peace with Israel process was a staunch Nasserist, under Nasser?

    Egypt: President Mubarak and the Egyptian Dignity

  • The credibility of Israeli propaganda is emulating the Nasserist and Ba`thist propaganda of the 1960s.

    Wednesday, January 14, 2009

  • Nasserist, the liberal Ghad parties as well as from the protest movement Kefaya have also been detained.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • One question to Lebanese journalist, Fu'ad Matar: does he think that people forgot his propaganda writings on behalf of the Nasserist regime in the 1960s?

    Saturday, April 19, 2008


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