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  • n. A member of any of several communist movements in India.


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Derived from the village name Naxalbari where the movement originated in the late 1960s. See -ite.


  • So the word Naxalite is often applied to such groups by their opponents, and by themselves. -

  • Even after independence, tribal people were at the heart of the first uprising that could be described as Maoist, in Naxalbari village in West Bengal (where the word Naxalite - now used interchangeably with "Maoist" - originates).

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  • The report paints a bleak picture of the outcome of grappling with 40 years of so-called Naxalite rebellion -- a name given to the Maoist rebel movement after it started in the district of Naxalbari in West Bengal in the late 1960s.

    India Is Urged to Meet

  • Telangana villages, where direct state repression is ruthless, anybody who dares to question the government even on basic issues such as water shortages or a non-functional PDS runs the risk of being labelled a Naxalite and persecuted.

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  • Leninist, popularly known as the Naxalite movement, in Calcutta during the 1970s have, among others, inspired social scientists, creative writers, historians, journalists to produce a number of research-based essays, poems, novels and plays on the subject.

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  • The armed movement by Maoist group often called Naxalite is already taking four decades and 13 states in India. - Articles related to Govt orders radar to track movement in thick forests

  • While terming the Naxalite violence as a corollary to the battle between the tribals and corporate houses to gain control over natural resources like minerals, water and forests, she said, "While 99% of Maoists are tribals, 99% of tribals are not Maoists."

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  • He was arrested on May 14th, 2007, for allegedly helping the Maoist, also known as the Naxalite, insurgency in the state and detained under one of India's most draconian laws, the Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act. He's the National Vice President of the People's Union for Civil Liberties, or the PUCL.

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  • But the so-called Naxalite movement - as well as the fight against it - has a hidden cost: the education of thousands of India's most vulnerable children, whose schools have been blasted by rebels, occupied by security forces, or both. Top Stories

  • Ara sends the first "Naxalite" member to Parliament.

    History of Naxalism according to HT


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