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  • noun The realm or sphere of Nazis.


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Nazi +‎ -dom


  • Nazidom is directed against Christianity, above all.

    The Reich and the German Minorities

  • In fact, if one interpreted Vicki Kugelmann in the light of some aspects of Nazidom, and if one interpreted some aspects of Nazidom in the light of Vicki Kugelmann, were not both illuminated with miraculous clarity?

    Giddy & Malevolent

  • However, once "we got the message", the allies dug in and gradually, gradually saved civilization from the horrors of Nazidom.

    Metaphors of hope . . .

  • Since Milhaud was considered a Jew, and he was part Jewish, by the then psychonut "president" of Nazidom, he had to get the hell out of Paris post haste and come to California--wow, while goobernor Schwartzenegger's old daddy kept wearing his Nazi uniform for the continuence of that war.

    Whatever Happened to "Classical" Music?

  • I turned right at Unter den Linden - where the lime trees had been early victims of Nazidom; the old Bismarck Chancellery was a cobweb of rusty ruins facing the memorial building where two green-clad sentries with white gloves were goose-stepping like Bismarck was expected back.

    Funeral In Berlin

  • But the site of the bunker remains where the bodies crisped into oblivion the "one thousand years of Nazidom."

    Europe Our Next Door Neighbour

  • The result is what we see today - Nazidom, and a barbarian Germany.

    The New Alignments in Europe

  • There is no chance of a speedy end except through united action; and if at any time Britain and France, wearying of the struggle, were to make a shameful peace, nothing would remain for the smaller States of Europe, with their shipping and their possessions, but to be divided between the opposite, though similar, barbarisms of Nazidom and Bolshevism.

    Army Rumour Service

  • When we look behind the brazen fronts of Nazidom-as we have various means of doing-we see many remarkable signs of psychological and physical disintegration.

    Army Rumour Service

  • It is more than mere coincidence that what has been attained under this latest treaty embeds within the whole grand European conglomerate the achievement by subterfuge of the principle goals of that which Sir Winston Churchill called "Nazidom." Front Page


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