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  • v. To subject or convert to Nazism.


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  • The Nazis come to power; destroy the autonomy of the Berlin Psychoanalytic Institute (and other similar institutes), "Nazify" the enterprise in order that it might serve as a cultural prop for the National Socialist state, and redefine the science of the mind in order that the practice follows in lockstep.

    The Civic Platform - A Political Journal of Ideas and Analysis

  • My, this news on top of the recent GOP law in Arizona to Nazify the state.

    Graham move imperils Obama agenda

  • By trying to provide all Americans with access to health care he wants to socialize everything except the parts he wants to Nazify.

    Republicans, insanity and my world -- It's just a crazy place.

  • Army seized after the war as part of the effort to "de-Nazify" German society.

    ‘The Power of Nazi Propaganda’

  • It would have been impossible to de-Nazify Hitler had he still been alive, just as it is impossible to de-Bushify George Bush, who will never be made to understand that it's even remotely possible for him to do anything wrong or make a single mistake.

    From Nazism to Neo-cons to Bushism

  • To Nazify it, Eric spray-painted it green, rigged a canvas tent over its bed, and screwed a Mercedes ornament onto the hood.

    Raiders of the Lost Backyard

  • The agony of five years of Nazi occupation; stripped of their assets; schools destroyed and some 700 Norwegian teachers put in slave labour camps and tortured because they refused to Nazify the schools-martyrs in the cause of freedom!

    The Battle For Europe's Mind

  • If it was plausible to de-Nazify Germany in one generation we can probably do the same thing with fossil fuels.

    The Guardian World News

  • You can smoke your pot while visiting a prostitute but don't dare disrespect islam or mooslims. ... bump The judge who wrote that is just more evidence for my contention that the Dutch failed to thoroughly de-Nazify their country after WWII.

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  • Hitler enacted the first laws to protect animals from cruelty which afforded them protection in line with what humans received, this law existed till the late 1970's till it was renamed in an effort to de-Nazify Germany.

    The Civic Platform - A Political Journal of Ideas and Analysis


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