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  • proper noun Plural form of Neapolitan.


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  • One hundred and fifty years afterwards, in the time of Septimius Severus, the Hellenism of the Neapolitans is praised by Philostratus.

    The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

  • Naples is where he grew up, the Neapolitans are his people, and while the eyewitness accounts he brings to the page -- stories of murderous barbarity and devastating debasement -- could have been told by one of Dashiell Hammett's chilly protagonists, Saviano is no cold-blooded cynic.

    An Books Blog featuring news, reviews, interviews and guest author blogs.

  • The Neapolitans are the children of Italy, knowing only that Naples is a beautiful city, and fearing a barbarian might come and devour it.

    Frederick the Great and His Family

  • Giovanna, who is of Italian heritage by way of Auckland, N.Z. observed that I must have learned some tricks from the "Neapolitans" during my Navy days there as they apparently have little patience standing line.

    My Left Wing - Front Page

  • As Italy celebrated its new national status, she provoked fierce criticism by turning her eye to the poverty of the south, documenting the life of Neapolitans forced to live in underground tufa caves in the city and the dangerous conditions in Sicily's sulphur mines.

    Englishwoman is hailed as a heroine of Italy's unification struggle

  • The center-left has long controlled Naples, but Berlusconi has a chance to grab it as Neapolitans might punish local administrators for failing to solve the garbage problem and decrease the city's high unemployment rate.

    Local Voting in Italy Is Test for Berlusconi

  • The problem with the time change is that the precisely mannered dancing of Bournonville's traditional choreography looks anomalous in a Fellini-esque world peopled by rough-around-the-edges 1950s Neapolitans.

    Neapolitan Sunshine Brightens Danish Gloom

  • For five years after unification, Neapolitans waged war against the young national government.

    Is Italy Ungovernable?

  • Otherwise Neapolitans were eating chicken heads, the windpipes of calves and even, it was rumoured, cats.

    Rereading: Naples '44 by Norman Lewis

  • Lewis played the Neapolitans as if they were chess pieces, he the quizzical master of the game, fascinated and full of admiration for their resilience and resourcefulness – prostitutes and black marketeers would come in many shapes and at every degree in those desperate months.

    Rereading: Naples '44 by Norman Lewis


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