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  • proper n. A city in the central south-eastern part of the Republic of Macedonia.


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  • Address: Partizanska 146 - Negotino 1440 Macedonia email: [email_address] web: spindzur. and strasopindzur. phone: (389) 43361-900 fax:: (389) 43361-900

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  • Several Orthodox Christian believers from Macedonia's central town of Negotino, worried they would be committing a sin if they vote for Muslim candidate Imer Selmani in this Sunday's presidential elections, have asked, and got the blessing to do so from their local priest …

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  • "Since I consider myself to be a big believer, and my fellow citizens know me as one, I consulted my priest in order not to make a mistake, since Imer Selmani is a Muslim," said one Negotino resident to the local "Dnevnik" newspaper.

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  • Already Sencap is proceeding to file legal action regarding Negotino, because 'A better offer by all terms was drafted in full compliance with the regulatory procedures'.

  • The winner for the Negotino station was the consortium of Hatch, MacDonald Finance Engineering from Canada (Bulgarian business interests) with a $6.2 million lower offer, from the 68 million Sencap offered.

  • In May 2008 it failed to secure the Bulgarian Bobov Dol lignite production complex and a few months latter it also lost a bid for the Negotino power station in Fyrom, a double blow that caused strain for the management of both companies.

  • Primary School "Strasho Pindjur" Negotino, Macedonia

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