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  • n. Anthropology A member of any of various peoples of short stature inhabiting parts of Malaysia, the Philippines, and southeast Asia.

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  • n. A member of a class of several ethnic groups who inhabit isolated parts of Southeast Asia.

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  • n. An individual belonging to one of the dwarfish negroid tribes of southern Asia and Africa. Also Negrillo.
  • Of or pertaining to the Negritos.
  • n. One of a diminutive dark-skinned negro-like race found in the Philippine Islands (of which they seem to have been the original inhabitants), and in New Caledonia, etc., according to some authorities. The average height of the Negritos of the Philippine Islands is about 4 feet 8 inches. Also Negrillo.


Spanish, diminutive of negro, Black person; see Negro.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
Spanish diminutive of negro, i.e. "little black person". (Wiktionary)


  • El Negrito is a closet liberal and most of the time I find his wit tres amusant.

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  • The natural projectile weapon of the Negrito is the bow and arrow; that of the Malayan seems to be the blowgun -- at present, however, largely replaced by the spear, though in some southern islands, especially in Paragua, it has held its own.

    The Bontoc Igorot

  • / Jorge "Negrito" Trasante drums, percussion / Antonio Ruiz "Kiko" flamenco guitar / Guests: Henri Tournier bansuri, flutes

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  • Vocalist Gran Alfonso joins the festivities for great features on "Negrito" and the calypso tribute "Back to Back."

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  • "Negrito" 2008 - this was a lovely seared local fish covered with a sweet foam.


  • Negrito, for example, could have shocking connotations for someone without full knowledge of the nuances of the language.

    Language barrier delays case of what Luis Suárez said to Patrice Evra

  • It begins: "Negrito, enjoy yourself …"This was a conversation between two friends.

    Language barrier delays case of what Luis Suárez said to Patrice Evra

  • "Negrito women look like cute little girls with huge knockers," Buddy said.


  • For her last encore she announced she was going to sing a lullaby, and smiling as sweetly as if she were singing "Canción De Cuna Para Dormir A Un Negrito," she gave us Tom Lehrer's "The Old Dope Peddler."

    Another Phone Call from the Past

  • One of the most primitive tribes in India that belongs to the Negrito racial stock, they have been relegated to the reserved pockets at Dugong Creek and South Bay of Little Andaman Island and have been quickly dwindling in statistics.

    TSUNAMI - are the tribes affected? (series -1)


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