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  • n. A member of the philosophical school of Neoplatonism.


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  • Neoplatonist,” so that a given figure will be called a Neoplatonist or Middle Platonist by some scholars and a Neopythagorean by others.


  • Being mathematicians, they elected to name their firstborn after someone called Hypatia of Alexandria, a Neoplatonist philosopher who met a sticky end when, presumably having pissed off the wrong people the Antiplatonists? she was stripped naked and flayed with oyster shells before being burned alive.

    Confetti Confidential

  • Although Sigismondo Malatesta was renowned and feared for his intelligence and battle skills, his penchant for the extreme — such as his overzealous advocacy of the Byzantine arch-Neoplatonist Gemisthus Pletho179 — alienated the Holy See and contributed to his eventual excommunication.

    Architecture and Memory: The Renaissance Studioli of Federico da Montefeltro

  • Thus, his stance, in this early work, is that of a Neoplatonist, as has been clearly shown by Verrycken (1990, 212-15).

    The Garbage House

  • Aside from Ficino's Hermetic and Neoplatonist books, De verbo mirifico was the most important influence on the youthful draft of

    Loss of Faith

  • References to and citations from philosophical works abound (Plato, minor Platonists, Aristotle), and there are no good reasons to doubt that this treatise was in fact written by Syrianus the Neoplatonist, most probably before he assumed full leadership of the Academy.


  • The later commentators were members of the Neoplatonist schools and were concerned to document the substantial agreement of Platonic and Aristotelian thought, and to integrate Aristotle's work into their Neoplatonist philosophical system.

    Alexander of Aphrodisias

  • I'm a reformed Neoplatonist and I quite enjoyed the book but I must admit it was heavy going.

    What Should I Be Reading?

  • In view of this disagreement, it may be interesting to take a closer look at the position the Byzantines advocated and to compare it with that propounded by the Neoplatonist commentators.

    Byzantine Philosophy

  • More specifically, Byzantine philosophers as a rule adopted the Neoplatonist commentators™ three ways of understanding genera

    Byzantine Philosophy


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