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  • n. Greek Mythology A son of Achilles who killed Priam during the taking of Troy.


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  • The famed actor Neoptolemus offered a song for the king at a state banquet and proclaimed:

    Alexander the Great

  • It describes the attempt by Neoptolemus and Odysseus to bring the disabled Philoctetes with them to Troy.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • Daniel and Smoots vie for the loyalty—and the soul—of Neoptolemus Paul Hurley, a young soldier who is torn between patriotic duty and personal honor.

    The Warrior's Dilemma

  • No more than Sophocles or Mr. Heaney does Mr. Frank seek to simplify Neoptolemus' dilemma, and it is precisely because of this hard honesty that the divine illumination that ends the play carries the wrenching force of true revelation.

    The Warrior's Dilemma

  • I would therefore beg you to pardon the philosopher Plato for his amatory verse, and relieve me of the necessity of offending against the precepts put by Ennius into the mouth of Neoptolemus by philosophizing at undue length; on the other hand if you refuse to pardon Plato, I am quite ready to suffer blame on this count in his company.

    The Defense

  • Hecuba, one ship alone delays its plashing oars, and it is soon to sail to the shores of Phthia freighted with the remnant of the spoils of Achilles 'son; for Neoptolemus is already out at sea, having heard that new calamities have befallen Peleus, for Acastus, son of

    The Trojan Women

  • Likewise, it is ordained, Orestes, that thou shalt wed Hermione, at whose neck thou art pointing thy sword; Neoptolemus shall never marry her, though he thinks he will; for his death is fated to o'ertake him by a


  • As the bedraggled group travels from place to place, they are pursued by Neoptolemus his entrance into a fallen Troy and subsequent murder of King Priam is one of the most haunting scenes of the Aeneid.

    The Road Not Taken · Black Ships

  • Unfortunately, Neoptolemus is never more than a vague threat in the distance literally, they see his sails a couple times, and I would have liked a little more conflict there.

    The Road Not Taken · Black Ships

  • Now, as it is right Neoptolemus should rule my slaves, so my friends and I should have control of his; for friends, if they be really friends, keep nothing to themselves, but have all in common.



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