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  • proper n. A river in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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  • The flow of the Neretva is a lusty one, towards and beneath the now rebuilt bridge for which Mostar was famous, the stumps of which remained until it was replaced, shiny and inauthentic – but there, at least.

    War Child and the Bosnian war 15 years on

  • The World Rafting Championships were held here last year, and the Neretva and Una are among the most beautiful whitewater rivers in the world.

    Richard Bangs: Bosnia & Herzegovina, That Unreal Place

  • The road from Sarajevo snaked its way down through the limestone gorges, along the banks of the pale green Neretva river, where pomegranates hung red and ripe in the orchards.

    A new look at Bosnia Herzegovina

  • Before that, Muslims and Croats fought together to drive out the Serbs, whose shelling caused much of the vast destruction visible on both sides of the Neretva.

    A Muslim Town's Long Nightmare

  • Still, the fear of local residents was genuine. just days earlier, the Croats had shelled a Muslim enclave on the western side of the Neretva and appeared to be preparing a new offensive.

    A Muslim Town's Long Nightmare

  • "It's a hostage-taking," said Cedric Thornberry, a top U.N. civilian official, who had been one of those trapped in Mostar, Beyond using U.N. forces as a shield to protect civilians against the Croats, the Muslims were buying time to repair downed bridges across the Neretva and to prepare for further fighting.

    A Muslim Town's Long Nightmare

  • During a cease-fire in mid-February at least 17 Muslims died in a hail of mortar shells from Croats on the west side of the Neretva.

    Logic's War With Passion

  • There is an iconic bridge that spans the Neretva – nearly 500 years old, it was blown apart by Croat shelling in minutes.

    The beauty and complexity of Bosnia and Hercegovina

  • Last July, an American-led NATO delegation offered to help recover hundreds of stones from the Neretva.

    Bridge over the Neretva

  • The Stari Most, or Old Bridge, had once linked the eastern and western banks of the Neretva, a lucid jade river that cuts deep through the oldest part of the city.

    Bridge over the Neretva


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