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  • n. Mythology Any of a race of subterranean dwarfs whose hoard of riches and magic ring were taken from them by Siegfried.
  • n. Mythology A follower of Siegfried.
  • n. Mythology One of the Burgundian kings in the Nibelungenlied.

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  • n. (German mythology) a companion or follower of Siegfried
  • n. (German mythology) any of the race of dwarfs who possessed a treasure hoard that was stolen by Siegfried


German, from Middle High German Nibelunc, from Old High German Nibulunc, Nibilung.
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  • A bit of background: The Ring of the Nibelung is a massive four opera retelling of the Nordic/Teutonic myths of creation, the introduction of evil into the world, redemption, and the end of the world by fire and water.


  • I therefore undertake, for the sum already named, to have all the scores and pianoforte arrangements of my "Nibelung" dramas copied, and to place the copies at your disposal as your property, assuming at the same time that you will kindly lend them to me, as soon and as often as I want them.

    Correspondence of Wagner and Liszt

  • "Nibelung" poem, in order to prepare the public and put it in the proper mood.

    Correspondence of Wagner and Liszt

  • As regards my "Nibelung" drama, you, my good, sympathetic friend, regard my future in too rosy a light.

    Correspondence of Wagner and Liszt

  • She formed with Liszt, Von Bülow, Berlioz and a few others the very small, but extremely select, audience which, at the house of Liszt's mother, heard Wagner read selections from his "Nibelung" dramas.

    The Loves of Great Composers

  • One day when Praeger and Minna were seated at the luncheon table waiting for Wagner, who was scoring the "Nibelung," to come down from his study, she asked: "Now, honestly, is Richard really such a great genius?"

    The Loves of Great Composers

  • PARIS—The Paris Opera's first full production of Richard Wagner's four-opera "Ring of the Nibelung" since 1957 comes to an end with "Götterdämmerung" "The Twilight of the Gods," or "Le Crépuscule des dieux", which opened last week at the Opera Bastille.

    Falling Into Wagner's Burning Ring of Fire

  • They married, and Siegfried gave his bride the ring of the Nibelung, made of gold originally stolen from the Rhine.

    Falling Into Wagner's Burning Ring of Fire

  • But for this operaphile, the sculptural assembly recall various sets I'd seen for Wagner's Nibelheim, the underground realm of the enslaved Nibelung forgers inhabiting the opera Das Rheingold.

    G. Roger Denson: From Detroit, Egypt: Matthew Barney Resurrects an American God

  • The new production is all the more disappointing because this Rheingold, or L'Or du Rhin as it is billed here, is the much-anticipated first installment of the Paris Opera's first full production of Wagner's four-opera Ring of the Nibelung cycle since 1957.

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