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  • proper n. a mythological Norse monster


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  • In Norse mythology, there are tales of the dragons Nidhogg and Farnir.

    The Nervous Breakdown

  • Apparently, Paul's character is trying to find the Tree Of Life to save his daughter, and must fight the Spanish Armada, sea monsters, a mystical Persian sorceress, the legendary Norse God-creature the Nidhogg, and a Star Wars character.

    Tube Bits For 11/03/07

  • When we read, for example, the Norse myths, they stifle a yawn at the sun dawning over the green and lovely new earth, but sit up, eyes bright and fascinated, when we read about Nidhogg, the dragon of destruction, or the hag with many heads.

    Ayelet Waldman: Spy Kids

  • The squirrel called Ratatoskr runs up and down the ash-tree, carrying hateful words between the eagle and Nidhogg.

    Archive 2008-05-01

  • The male Midgardsormr according to Norse mythology is the sea serpent, whose tail encircles the earth while Nidhogg is the is the she dragon who eats the roots of the World Tree, Yggdrasill.

    The Mythological Avatars of June Dion

  • The foul, spotted dragon Nidhogg flies over the plains, bearing corpses and Death itself away upon his wings, and sinks out of sight. 10

    The Destiny of the Soul A Critical History of the Doctrine of a Future Life

  • Nastrond's grisly hail, which is shaped of serpents 'spines, and through whose loop holes drops of poison drip, where no sunlight ever reaches, they welter in a venom sea and are gnawed by the dragon Nidhogg. 8 In a word, what to the crude moral sense of the martial Goth seemed piety, virtue, led to heaven; what seemed blasphemy, baseness, led to hell.

    The Destiny of the Soul A Critical History of the Doctrine of a Future Life

  • From the mist world, Niflheim, in the north, in whose central caldron, Hvergelmir, dwells the gloomy dragon Nidhogg, rose floods of cold vapor.

    The Destiny of the Soul A Critical History of the Doctrine of a Future Life

  • As for previous bosses, just After defeating Nidhogg and forming a pact with Meiktilia, head for the exit and open the three chests to obtain Doga's Secret Skill V, Doga's Secret Skill IV and Wagner's Staff.

    IGN Complete

  • Rise up to level 99, defeat Hel and her two cursed allies Ratatoskr and Nidhogg to rescue the 3 Norns.

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