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  • adjective Of, pertaining to or characteristic of Friedrich Nietzsche or his writings.
  • noun A supporter of the ideas of Friedrich Nietzsche.


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Nietzsche +‎ -an


  • In times of real trouble for citizens, does anyone recall Nietzschean soup kitchens or Hegelian help centres?

    [philosophy] otherwise known as sophistry

  • In times of real trouble for citizens, does anyone recall Nietzschean soup kitchens or Hegelian help centres?

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • Why not, if you are really going in to be what you, never having read "this Neech they talk of," call a Nietzschean Superman?

    New York Times, Current History, Vol 1, Issue 1 From the Beginning to March, 1915 With Index

  • So the comic gets a bit of a pass on the nihilism front, because even though it's directly and deliberately insulting the reader, the character speaking is a supervillain, and you're not supposed to like supervillains, precisely because they're the kind of Nietzschean ubermensch jerks that the protagonist ends up as.

    [GUEST POST] Gabriel McKee on Mark Millar's Kick-Ass...and Why it Stinks

  • He exists in a kind of Nietzschean realm beyond truth and falsehood.

    The Goldfarb Variations

  • Let me argue instead for a kind of Nietzschean perspectivism, which admits that the closest approach to truth we can make is to look at a question from a variety of perspectives, but also recognizes that some arguments are much stronger than others.

    Head Shaking and the best Canadian Poem

  • I have described him also as the most "Nietzschean" figure in our history, using his powers to "trasnvalue" the basic meaning of the American experiment (see, e.g., the Gettysburg Address and Garry Wills's book on same).


  • Maschler, who according to Bradford “wanted Sillitoe to rewrite the novel according to his own prognosis of what it ought to be and do”, sensed in its protagonist “a kind of Nietzschean anarchy, but not enough”.

    Inauspicious beginning indeed ...

  • Played with great bravado by Pitt, he's a kind of Nietzschean Robin Hood, using violence to restore dignity to the benighted American male.

    A Fistful Of Darkness

  • Friedrich Nietzsche, an influence which assumed the inherited name of the Schumpeter dogma, that Fabian disease known as what is to be described clinically as the "Nietzschean" doctrine of "creative destruction," a doctrine, associated with the name of Schumpeter, which remains notorious for such among the effects of its application by British Prime Minister Harold

    LaRouche's Latest


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