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  • proper n. A transliteration of the Greek female given name Νικολέτα.


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Romanization of the Greek Νικολέτα, a female given name used in (modern) Greece.


  • For this reason, they generally garner 25% to 30% of total annual sales during the last six weeks of the year compared with 20% for the average big-box retailer, says Nikoleta Panteva , a retail analyst for Los Angeles market research firm IBISWorld Inc.

    Small Retailers Cross Their Fingers for Holiday Sales

  • Nikoleta Popesku and Gabriel Malinesku are not destined to find happiness in each others arms.

    Unusual but Interesting Crimes

  • Americans will spend about $800 million for 25 million real trees and another $2.6 billion on 10 million artificial trees during the holiday season, Nikoleta Panteva, a senior analyst at Los Angeles-based IBISWorld, said in an interview. -- Top News

  • Local reports said there were eyebrows raised by many on Sunday when Valeri Bojonov - only recently recalled having sworn never to play for Matthaus - used the time between Friday's 3-0 friendly defeat to the Ukraine to wed his pregnant girlfriend Nikoleta Lozanova.

    WalesOnline - Home

  • Sometimes a new product trumps an old one because its offers more features, said retail analyst Nikoleta Panteva at IBISWorld Inc. Laundry detergent manufacturers can combine several products in one with liquids. rss feed

  • Once Nikoleta is awake and we've said our various versions of Happy Christmas I'm on my way to my mother to give her a big surprise and hopefully a happy one on this special day. Recent Updates

  • Today is the day, I wake early and get caught smoking a cigarette on the step outside as Nikoleta is sleeping. Recent Updates

  • We eat and then go for a play in the snow, there isn't much natural snow so the snow machines are busy blasting snow onto the slope, the ground is frozen solid and icy, it soon becomes apparent that not only am I responsible for me and Pierre staying upright but I have Nikoleta clinging on for stability as well (this pattern continues later). Recent Updates

  • I expect Nikoleta to panic, she is a nervous passenger, but no she is crying with laughter at my error even though she can barely see where we are going. Recent Updates

  • I have promised Nikoleta coffee, I don't think she really expected that I would stop to make coffee at the side of the road and our break is taken with some hilarity, she is even more surprised to find out I can make Greek coffee that is very drinkable. Recent Updates


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