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  • proper n. In Sumerian mythology, the earth and mother goddess, one of the seven great deities of Sumer.

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  • proper n. The great mother goddess in Sumerian mythology, worshipped also as Aruru and Mama and Nintu.

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  • n. the great mother goddess; worshipped also as Aruru and Mama and Nintu


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  • Holloway invited Ochoa into her room and Ochoa witnessed that Holloway had a small metal figure of the Sumerian God "Ninhursag" hiding in her closet. : Spoof News : Front Page

  • Enki, a metaphysical agency, yes -- a principle, as Anu of the heavens, Enlil of the stormy sky, Ninhursag of the foothills -- but the agency of reason, rationality as a principle, a force, a being.

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  • Slide 13: The Gods of Mesopotamia II  Apsu: God of the primeval sweet waters  Ea: God of wisdom and patron of the arts  Enlil: God of earth, wind, and air (aka Marduk in later cultures)  Ninhursag: Mother goddess, creator of vegetation; wife of Enlil 

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