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  • proper n. In Sumerian mythology, the consort goddess of Enlil.


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  • Enlil impersonates a gatekeeper, a man in charge of the underworld river, and the ferryman to the underworld, and as each of these personages, he has sex with Ninlil, impregnating her with three deities who will reside in the underworld as substitutes for Nanna the moon, who will thus be free to rise to heavens where he belongs.

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  • He obtains a boat, floats over to where Ninlil is bathing, and rapes her, impregnating her with the future moon god Nanna or Sin.

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  • Ninlil refuses, saying she is too young to make love, so Enlil devises a plan.

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  • Naturally, Ninlil goes down to the canal the next day to take a dip.

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  • Enlil walks out of town in the direction of the underworld, and the pregnant Ninlil follows him.

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  • When this story begins, the gods have apparently already established cities, for Enlil, the goddess Ninlil “lady wind” or “lady air” and her mother Ninshebargunu are dwelling in their temples in the city of Nippur.

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  • Then he came across the names, of Enlil and his wife, Ninlil, and the story of how Enlil took three forms and impregnated his wife three times, and from those three unions sprang Nergal, and Ninazu, and one other, one whose name was lost, rendered illegible by the damage to the old stones on which the story had been written.

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  • Her supreme position as a goddess is attested by the relative insignificance of her husband Dunpae, whom she completely overshadows, in which respect she presents a contrast to the goddess Ninlil, Enlil's female counterpart.

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  • Simo Parpola identifies Adrammelech and Sharezer as one and the same man, named Arad-Ninlil.

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  • Apparently, Ninlil consents to go to bed with what she thinks are three minor underworld officials because she, too, sees this as a way for Enlil’s child Nanna to “go heavenward.”

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