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  • Were it not for the valiant stand made by the Comrade Director here at Nizhnevartovsk, they might have succeeded.

    DBTL 66: The Party's Over

  • The Director would fly to Geneva to set his affairs there in order, then return to the USSR to take charge of the atomic weapons facility in Nizhnevartovsk.

    DBTL 59: The Chips Stay Up

  • Thus, it was he who first saw the dust trail as the column of vehicles made its way up the lonely road that connected the Project to the actual town of Nizhnevartovsk.

    DBTL 65: Green Hectares

  • Comrade Director, I want men from your Commission running the plant at Nizhnevartovsk within the week.

    DBTL 66: The Party's Over

  • So far he had managed to convince Gordov that his direction of the Nizhnevartovsk Project was providing the Soviet Union with the most advanced atomic weaponry in the world.

    DBTL 65: Green Hectares

  • A voice on the radio squawked back, "We've been sent by the State Committe for the State of Emergency to reinforce the Nizhnevartovsk Project."

    DBTL 65: Green Hectares

  • Though it's a pity that you can't reach the ones at Nizhnevartovsk and Los Alamos, since those are the ones that are going to strike back at you.

    DBTL 72D: The Six Million Złoty Man, Act IV

  • They would need something to counter the might of the Red Army, and Heisenberg felt unpleasantly certain that the Nizhnevartovsk Project was that something.

    DBTL 65: Green Hectares

  • "Nizhnevartovsk is beyond the reach of any aircraft currently in our possession."

    DBTL 57: Some Men You Just Can't Reach

  • Data from various seismology stations show that an explosion of that magnitude took place on the tenth of this month near the Siberian city of Nizhnevartovsk.

    DBTL 57: Some Men You Just Can't Reach


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