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  • "Noisily, " Benjamin answered, which made the President laugh.

    The Guns Of The South

  • Noisily, she set up the tray table and dragged her chair to the side of his bed.

    ALONE With You

  • Noisily, wittily, always compassionately, Cisneros surveys woman's condition-a condition that is both precisely Latina and general to women everywhere.

    Seven For Summer

  • Noisily talking, they all went into the house; but as soon as they were all seated, Levin turned and went out.

    Anna Karenina

  • Noisily shuffling his down-trodden goloshes and slowly swinging his heavy, clumsy figure, the man at last reached the very top flight and stopped before a half-open door hanging off its hinges.

    Virgin Soil

  • Noisily the brushpheasant took wing, an odd trait for a species whose best defense was camouflage and stillness.


  • Noisily crumpling newspaper, he dropped a glance across the grate and saw fragments of Una's thesis.

    The Unicorn Trade

  • Noisily the children came in, clamoured for supper, and took it in their dirty hands, and then went to bed.

    Dick Lionheart

  • Noisily welcomed by the victims of mercantile prowess, he apologetically declined to flirt with Dame Fortune, pleading a business purpose.

    The Voice on the Wire

  • Noisily snored the dreaming men in the darkest parts.

    American Indian Stories


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