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  • n. A practitioner of the linguistic study of the hypothetical Nostratic superfamily of Old World languages


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Nostratic + -ist


  • I am pretty sure I have read - probably in Bomhard or other Nostraticist literature - of correspondences such as PS *k'-l-b 'heart' and PIE *gwelbh 'womb', or PS *klb 'dog' and PIE *kwelb 'young dog, whelp' I may be getting some points of detail wrong: this is just a question to try and point to the existence of literature somewhere.

    Etruscan Dictionary Project Updates

  • Chances are, either you're a staunch, Nostraticist-reviling academic or you're the anything-goes type that just can't stop talking about how the government is conspiring to hide the truth about Atlantis and UFOs.

    Nostratic and the curse of the online forum

  • If the Nostraticist Allan Bomhard is correct in suggesting that AbAd and a very early form of IE were in contact with each other, is it also possible that their vowel systems evolved together as well?

    The Great Pre-IE Centralization

  • The future will eventually bring these two extremes together and a new brand of Nostraticist will evolve that both respects specialists yet also has the ability to pull the detailed information these specialists provide us into a general big-picture, one that no longer involves ignoring logic.

    Archive 2007-03-01


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