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  • Imperceptible differences in OAL or head space, powder weight or the wrong bullets will make A LOT of difference down range!

    Very Little Drops Dead

  • The second problem, if someone else picks up one of your rounds and fires it, it just might blow their rifle up, do to their maximum OAL is less than yours.

    An Unequal Progress in Accuracy

  • I returned to the gunshop the next day with some 257 AI and .257 Roberts ammo handloaded to about 2.91 to 2.93 in OAL.

    Rifles of Interest, Vol. 1

  • It also has a 3 magazine length that allows for longer OAL which is helpful in this caliber.

    Why Heavy Rifles Are Out

  • Yes, it would appear that E.R. Shaw, despite being less than forthcoming about ammunition feeding issues in its Mark VII long action at certain OAL cartridge lengths, and despite taking 8-9 months to produce the rifle, finally shipped me a very accurate rifle, one that also handles nicely and is even headspaced correctly to fit my pre-existing .257 AI ammo.

    Rifles of Interest, Vol. 1

  • I told E.R. Shaw I would attempt to feed some of my pre-existing .257 AI rounds into the rifle and see whether the ammos's OAL would be a problem, and if so, the company was going to receive its rifle back and I was going to receive, at a minimum, my money back.

    Rifles of Interest, Vol. 1

  • In other words, the E.R. Shaw Mark VII rifle was shooting 100-grain Nosler Ballistic Tip handloads (all with the same exact H-100-V powder loading, same primers, and same exact cartridge OAL) through the same bullet hole.

    Rifles of Interest, Vol. 1

  • I started some loads recently well below published maximum with the brass, trim length, primer, bullet, powder (weighed twice), and OAL strictly according to the bullet manufacturer's manual and could hardly lift the bolt and embossed the extractor on the case head!

    Mr. Clay Cooper told me that he would give me some 30-30 handloads, if he could give them to me it would be very nice.

  • I agree with Clay especially about the 6.5 Grendel and as for the 30 cal and other calibers vs OAL?

    On Tracking and Losing Game

  • The biggest hitch is that the TCU rounds for the most part are too long OAL to work in an AR magazine or action (O Garcia, you are so right).

    On Tracking and Losing Game


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