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  • Incidentally, OED2 defines it: ‘To make a donation or gift of; hence, vulgarly in U.S., to give, bestow, grant’.

    1880s English | Linguism | Language Blog

  • Even as recently as OED2, this word is still categorized as “chiefly U.S.”, although the 9th edition of the Concise Oxford 1990, has no such comment.

    1880s English | Linguism | Language Blog

  • Also, I just checked the OED2 entry for naked and discovered that there is no Greek cognate listed there. OVEST.

  • My only complaint would be the lack of some cognates in the words' etymologies, viz. a Sanskrit and Old Persian cognate in the etymology of nail, n. (both present in the OED2 entry) and a Greek cognate in the etymology of mund, n. or manus, n.1 (not present in the OED2 entry). OVEST.

  • I cannot give you a definitive answer to this question, but here's some tentative evidence from the OED2 online. LATIN AMERICA.

  • In English, Chaucer used abate around 1391 in Treatise on the Astrolabe: "Abate thanne thees degrees And minutes owt of 90" OED2. MATHEMATICAL TERMS.

  • In 1551 in Pathway to Knowledge Recorde used abate: "Introd., And if you abate euen portions from things that are equal, those partes that remain shall be equall also" OED2. MATHEMATICAL TERMS.

  • The first citation for subtract in the OED2 is in 1557 by Robert Recorde in The whetstone of witte: "Wherfore I subtract 16. out of 18." MATHEMATICAL TERMS.

  • He noted that the OED2 unabashedly lists, defines, and supports the "four-letter word" (first recognized by Oxford only in the 1972 Supplement).

    VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol XX No 2

  • It allows that after 120 person-years of proofreading and probably the most intensive electronic checking, double-checking, and cross-checking in publishing history, the text of OED2 was still susceptible of a

    VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol XX No 2


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