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  • Old High German


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  • I listening to OHG last night, and XD Knitting Scumspawn, I need to listen to it again though, I think I fell asleep.

    Squeeful things

  • That is not something I was able to figure out, but if they did, then it means that the situation was not as simple as them switching to OHG.

    The PIE and Pre-PIE pronominal system from the perspective of a wave model

  • If I'm correct about terminal obstruent devoicing continuing in the region, then they never did speak Old High German as we usually think of it note that terminal obstruent devoicing is one of the criteria for distinguishing MHG from OHG.

    The PIE and Pre-PIE pronominal system from the perspective of a wave model

  • Even so, if Aritim really meant 'Arretium', it surely is borrowed from Latin Arrētium, and has nothing at all to do with the Germanic terms for 'ore' because the second vowel, *-u- as in OHG aruzzi, is incongruous with the phonetic reality of both the Latin and Etruscan terms.

    Archive 2008-05-01

  • This is a little animatic short storyboard to work out timing I made for a short little OHG ident to go along with the trailer.

    how to interview a tape worm

  • *Showreel containing rough and colour walk cycles, lip synch and some of the OHG animation.

    London again

  • I'm being cheeky and drawing OHG characters again.

    Devil may care

  • These are old drawings of OHG demons but I decided to do a character lineup with them.

    September 3rd, 2006

  • If anyone is interested, I've uploaded all the OHG work to date into a sort of rough animaticy thing.

    ruff stuff

  • You should listen to OHG if you have't already...its great!

    Sympathy for the Devil


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