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  • n. Plural form of ORM.


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  • I hope that someone in that boat would not be "turned off" the existing set of "ORMs" for ColdFusion because they are not considered to be true ORMs. full roast blend

  • Transfer, and I have found that not only do these "ORMs" do a lot of the more menial tasks for me, but they also encourage me to "think in objects". full roast blend

  • A rewritten Acton Controller removes references to Active Record, thus defining a simple API that ORMs can complement.

    Ruby on Rails 3.0 now available

  • The Entity Framework 4.0 promises to fill the gaps in its earlier releases and is all set to become one of the most popular ORMs of its kind with many powerful features.

  • That said, in practice it's fairly common to impose a fixed schema on a given table, and when using abstractions like ORMs and the StorageClient API, it's somewhat of a necessity. read-only timestamp of last modification of the user's latitude entered via the default. aspx page

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  • Also, even with relational dbs where the schema is kept in the database, it is common for ORMs to require you to also keep a copy of the schema in the code.


  • Subselects and Aggregates and Group Clauses in DQL, eliminating the need to circumvent ORMs for more advanced SQL features.

    Planet PHP

  • It is our believe that Doctrine 2 brings PHP ORMs to a new level.

    Planet PHP

  • There's a huge population of web developers who couldn't care less about testability, separation of concerns, SOLID principles, ORMs, etc.

    ASP.NET Community Spotlight

  • Heck, Java got many of the best ORMs, and they still have JDBC.

    ASP.NET Community Spotlight


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