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  • Open Shortest Path First: A link-state routing algorithm that is used to calculate routes based on the number of routers, transmission speed, delays and route cost.


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  • OSPF is re-enabled using the ospfenable command. config

    show ospf

  • Within the organisation, the BGP routers need to talk to each other to exchange their BGP routing tables, so they can decide which of them has the best link to any particular external network; and usually you use a protocol such as Open Shortest Path First aka OSPF which is likely to be supported by your firewalls between your internal routers, firewalls, and the BGP routers, in order for them to exchange information about their connectivity, so your internal network can likewise detect and adjust for internal cable, router, and switch failures.

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  • TCP/IP and routing protocols such as OSPF and BGP, with at least five year of hands on operations experience.


  • Sound Understanding and experience with protocols/technologies such as OSPF, EIGRP, BGP, QOS,

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  • And the gadgets can communicate with each other to establish the global connectivity, so that traffic that needs to be routed between gadgets can be sent along the correct path; rather than having separate failover at the switch (STP) and router/firewall (OSPF) layer, we can do it all in one, simplifying matters.

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  • This means that, while the backbone subnets can have lots of routers on them quite happily, all talking OSPF and BGP to share their routes between each other and so route traffic to the right router to forward it on, edge subnets prefer to have just a single router.

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  • OSPF uses a link-state algorithm to build and calculate the shortest path to all known destinations.

    Using OSPF

  • To advertise a loopback address using RIP or OSPF, use at least a/30 ( subnet mask, which consumes four IP addresses.

    Using a Loopback Address

  • For example, if there are no OSPF or RIP routes to a destination but there is a static route, that route will be installed even if the precedence is ospf rip static.


  • The IP section allows for either RIP or OSPF to be enabled.

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