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  • Office of Solid Waste (US)


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  • I have some nifty pictures of the battlefield that we set up for the Big OSW Game today, but Blogger will not allow me to upload any of the pictures.

    Archive 2009-10-01

  • One of the significant steps we took was to place the needs of vulnerable groups - women, children and youth and people with disabilities at the very heart of our institutions and our policies by locating the OSDP, the ORC and the OSW in The Presidency.

    Address by Dr EG Pahad, Minister in The Presidency, on the occasion of The Presidency Budget Vote

  • The Stadden figures are absolutely lovely - the paint job is brilliant - but for the first time I see what some have been saying on the OSW group about proportion as well.

    Stadden 18th Century Artillery Crew

  • With that in mind, I procrastinated and kept painting Gensdarmes cuirassiers for the Big OSW Game in October.

    Von Kleist Frei-husaren

  • It is now time to reveal the identity of "The Secret Unit" that I was holding back specifically for our OSW Big Battalion Game last weekend.

    The Prussian Gens d'armes (CR10)

  • Chris, I remember you talking about this on OSW and its great to see it all on the table.

    Historicon Overview

  • Wish I could be there for your OSW game . . . but that isn't to be I'm much too far away.

    Painting Update

  • For reasons that I cannot fathom, “ai” is in both OSPD and OSW, while “zo” is only in OSW; do the compilers of the OSPD really think that the average USAn is more likely to come across an ai than a zo while walking in the park?

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Guestblogging Dictionary Myths:

  • Here is the second part of the pictures that I took at the OSW Big Game on Saturday October 13th in the Chicago suburbs.

    Archive 2007-10-01

  • They had their baptism of fire in the OSW Big Game and handled themselves very well.

    Archive 2007-10-01


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