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  • n. Plural form of OS.


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  • They offer a Caviler, Regal, and Cadilac. (or am I missing something - The version of Windows Vista Ultimate I used and Windows 7 Ultimate I used had everything included, working, as advertised) did you notice what you said: you had to "special ordered the base models with manual steering and a manual tranny.", in other words the base model by default comes with power steering at a minimum, it comes with a basic radio, you don't want these items you need to make a special request to have them removed, but cars have evolved to the point where the base model at a minimum includes certain features that while you technically don't absolutely need to operate the vehicle, its expected to be there. likewise what we refer to as OSes have evolved to the point where at a bare minimum we expect certain things to be included. Forum

  • However, the only real comparison can be made with Win'NT and Win'95, because those were the first two 32 bit (capable in '95's case) OSes from MS's factory.


  • Windows 7 and previous incarnations only run on Intel's x86 ignoring other enterprise-class processors Windows server-class OSes have run, so if you want a Windows 7 PC it will be noisy and have comparatively lousy battery life.

    iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8? A coder's guide

  • If you don't like the fact that there's no encryption, stick with XP or Vista or other OSes.

    Windows 7 Ultimate Edition Not Geared At Home Users | Lifehacker Australia

  • I run machines with all three OSes and have tested them all extensively.

    The Problems With A Hackintosh Netbook, Six Months Out | Lifehacker Australia

  • Does OSX have an Aero-Peek style action with it's hot corners feature (if it does, I understand Microsoft copied it etc etc, but OSes imitating good features from one another just advances the playing field, so don't flame)?

    The Super Mario Desktop | Lifehacker Australia

  • Business decisions can and will likely be changed as time goes by and the end-user demographic migrates towards free, alternative OSes.

    Windows 7 Ultimate Edition Not Geared At Home Users | Lifehacker Australia

  • It's very hard to be able to run say VMWare and run multiple OSes on a laptop without going bankrupt. lbrtdy hybrid-kernel

    Is The Desktop PC Dead? | Lifehacker Australia

  • Once you have your fresh OSes ready and fully updated, put in a spare hard drive that you would consider a backup drive then ghost it all to that drive.

    Separate Data From Windows On A Standalone Partition | Lifehacker Australia

  • The client is GPL3 so there's nothing to stop Windows and OS X ports from being made; it's just that Canonical won't bother with it (just like Microsoft and Apple spend no/very little time making software for eachother's OSes)

    Ubuntu One’s Online Storage Looks An Awful Lot Like Dropbox | Lifehacker Australia


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