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  • Or words to that effect.


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  • I add: In a supporting letter author Cath Staincliffe said in a published letter that it was "obvious twaddle" OWTTE.

    Salford Oppositions: Crying Wolf Over Snouts in Troughs?

  • My own MP Tony Lloyd, Chair of the PLP, teased Mr Paxman for his affected naff naif confusion and put his finger on the problem when he poked gentle fun at the "towering combined IQ of our great British press" OWTTE.

    Exclusive: Newsnight "Revelations" Mr Crick Wrong

  • The call for moves towards a complete ban OWTTE were in the Labour amendment debated in 1981.

    The Sunday Cyril: Smith's Spodden Syndrome Sickens

  • He describes his practice in his HoP RMI entry as "donated to his constituency office" OWTTE.

    In Vino Veritas Round Up: Lib Dem Pisshead Squeals

  • By the way was it email or printed memo that exposed the Manchester Withington members campaigning for John Leech's selection over Yasmin Zalzala because as a black, asian, muslim candidate she could never win OWTTE?

    Archive 2007-06-03

  • But this supply teacher did assert that being a Christian he couldn't possibly be racist OWTTE.

    Teacher Sacked for Saying "Most Suicide Bombers are Muslims"

  • (OWTTE) and included only the one (unavoidable) equation in his whole book.


  • Additional reporting from Melissa Kite, Iain Dale's ex-friend, ever since he called her a shit reporter OWTTE, explaining - as a revered authority on both journalism and maturity - that she should "grow up".

    Archive 2007-07-15

  • Being a "big fat clumsy twat", he said OWTTE, unable to play the game properly himself ... he was instructed to lurch around and spoil play for everyone else.

    Archive 2007-11-18

  • Not all affected MPs will be as sanguine as Dr Stephen Ladyman MP who says he doesn't give a hoot OWTTE that the GMB are giving the impression of playing hard ball with so-called "sponsored MPs": "It won't matter a jot to me.

    GMB's Paul Kenny: Cutting Local CLP Funding


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