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  • proper n. Economic or political measures of the Obama administration endorsing socialism, communism, or the joining of statist and corporate powers, as alleged by its critics.


A portmanteau of Obama and Communism. (Wiktionary)


  • Critics of the Obama administration have coined the word "[[Obamunism]]" to describe Barack Obama's [[socialism | socialistic]]

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  • J Michaels, some-time policy scholar at the libertarian Cato Institute, labelled plans for a cap-and-trade system to control greenhouse gases as "Obamunism".

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  • With section titles such as "Obamunism", "Health Care disinformation" and "Barack Obama and Liberal Elitism", the page absolutely screams 'biased' (as true as all the claims are) to a casual reader looking at the Table of Contents.

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  • Gerald Celente predicts that the corrupt economic policies of "Obamunism" will lead to a second health care reform bill refers to persons with learning disabilities as "retarded."

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  • "Obamunism" ads at Republicans on Facebook - and a storm erupted.


  • Several independent sites sell "Obamunism" tees with similar logos, and CafĂ© Press, an online on-demand retailer, has an "anti-Obama store" with slogans like "The Obama Wreckovery," and "Don't Tax Me, Bro."


  • Conch Tees went online in January 2008 with a handful of designs, which by summer included "Obamunism," "President Evil" (Hillary with zombie eyes), and "McCaingsta" (a bling-draped McCain in a wheelchair).


  • "Critics of the Obama administration have coined the word" Obamunism "to describe Barack Obama's socialistic and" fascism light "economic planning policies."

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  • '' 'Obamunism' '' is a term combining [[President Obama | Obam

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  • Unfortunately, as we move into a new era of Obamunism, laws like this will likely be more and more common.

    Lower Prices Vs. Local Fly Shops


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