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  • Odoacer A.D. 434?-493. Germanic tribal leader who in 476 deposed Romulus Augustulus (reigned 475-476), bringing the Western Roman Empire to an end.

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  • n. Germanic barbarian leader who ended the Western Roman Empire in 476 and became the first barbarian ruler of Italy (434-493)


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  • Cassiodorus, however, tells us that Odoacer assumed the name of king (nomen regis Odoacer assumpsit), and though Gibbon points out that this may only mean that he assumed the abstract title of a king, without applying it to any particular nation or country, yet that great historian himself calls Odoacer, King of Italy, and shows how he was determined to abolish the useless and expensive office of vicegerent of the emperor.

    Roman and the Teuton

  • It was said, for instance, that Kingsley ought not to have called Odoacer and Theodoric, Kings of Italy, as they were only lieutenants of the

    Roman and the Teuton

  • For Octacer, alias Odoacer king of Bohemia, Otto Marques of

    The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation — Volume 05 Central and Southern Europe

  • In 460 AD, the Goths leaded by Odoacer invade Rome; kill the parents of the Caesar Romulus Augustus and send the boy and his tutor Ambrosinus to a prison in Capri.

    The Last Legion (2007) | Happy Share

  • Half the population here have names as unchristian quite – Norma, Odoacer, Archimedes – my housemaid is called Themis – but Dionea seemed to scandalize every one, perhaps because these good folk had a mysterious instinct that the name is derived from Dione, one of the loves of Father Zeus, and mother of no less a lady than the goddess Venus.

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  • He convinces Odoacer, with a faked omen, that Rom is worth much more alive than dead to the great consternation of Wolfila, and Odoacer agrees.

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  • In return, Odoacer exiles the two of them to Capri.

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  • The night before the coronation, Odoacer comes to the palace and demands a third of Italy from Rom's dad, Orestes, who is acting as regent.

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  • Rom comes out of hiding, and is threatened by Odoacer:

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  • THAT NIGHT, Odoacer and his Goths attack and take Rome.

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