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  • adj. Of or relating to the Oedipus complex.


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  • Momism is a kind of Oedipal obsession with the bad mother -- to counter a boy's attraction to his good mother.

    Erica Jong and Matt Taibbi in Heated Huffpo Flab-Flap

  • And it -- one of the reasons I mentioned it was that it -- there was a tendency for a long -- there has been for quite a long while, but to regard evil as playful, fun, ironic, a kind of Oedipal gesture against authority and kind of sassy.

    Evil: An Investigation

  • Coming from elders like Sontag, Bloom and Saul Bellow, and nearly always incorporating that meaningless word "generation," these consecrations have bespoken a kind of Oedipal conflict, betraying the double urge first to possess one's offspring by defining them, then to destroy them altogether.

    Powell's Books: Overview

  • In psychoanalytical terms, sadism is post-Oedipal, meaning that it takes shape when identification shifts from the mother to the father.


  • I love my son but his Oedipal complex causes him to lash out for attention.

    Matthew Yglesias » Endgame

  • Zinfandel fans will be grateful that he overcame his scruples — and possibly Oedipal issues — and now makes two vineyard-designated Zinfandels as well as the sublime Heirloom, a blend of zin about half and more than 20 other varietals, that is, in my opinion, an instant California classic.

    The Power and Punch of Zinfandel

  • Speaking of creepy: Over on Buscemi's day job at Boardwalk Empire, we finally found out just how close Jimmy (Michael Pitt) is to his mother (Gretchen Mol) in a subplot that culminated with an Oedipal shocker.

    Cheers & Jeers: SNL Gets Some Nucky

  • "Kafka on the Shore" 2005 loosely bundles together an "X-Files"-inspired UFO sighting, a brain-damaged man with powers of precognition and even a Victorian-era ghost story in the service of a 15-year-old runaway's Oedipal drama.

    Rebel Ascendant

  • Howler's lyrics are a hoot, teeny tales of driving stolen cars into rivers and bonkers Oedipal fantasies.

    Howler: Ransacking rock'n'roll

  • And many readers will object to much of the old-time Freudian doctrine, with its relentless emphasis on penis envy and Oedipal moments.

    "The Monster Within: The Hidden Side of Motherhood," by Barbara Almond


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