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  • See Umayyad.

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  • n. One of a dynasty of califs which reigned in the East a. d. 661-750, the first of whom was Mo'awiya, descendant of Omayya (the founder of a noted Arab family), and successor to Ali.
  • Of or pertaining to the dynasty of califs called the Omayyads.

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  • n. the first dynasty of Arab caliphs whose capital was Damascus


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  • Muzaffar Salman/Associated Press The new protests, like this one at the Omayyad Mosque, come a day after President Assad's government announced concessions, including a raise for public workers, a reconsideration of an emergency law in place for nearly five decades and more freedom for news media.

    Unsatisfied in Syria

  • BEIRUT—Syria on Saturday held a public funeral at the ancient Omayyad Mosque for the victims of two suicide attacks in Damascus a day before that had targeted state security facilities.

    Syria Holds Mass Funeral After Bombings

  • Syrian Arab News Agency via European Pressphoto Agency Thousands of people kneeled in group prayer behind the coffins, which were draped in the red, black and white colors of the flag at Omayyad Mosque, in Damascus, Saturday.

    Syria Holds Mass Funeral After Bombings

  • She did what most visitors do her here, browsed the market, and toured the magnificent 1,300-year-old Omayyad Mosque.

    CNN Transcript Apr 3, 2007

  • He was the first pope to go inside a mosque, which he did at the Grand Omayyad Mosque in Damascus in 2001.

    CNN Transcript Nov 28, 2006

  • I thought of the late-Omayyad period, in the early eighth century, when armies were the personal property of the ruler.

    Israel Now

  • Shortly after the overthrow of the Omayyad dynasty, and the establishment of the Abbasids, the city of El-'Askar was founded (A.D. 750) by Suleiman, the general who subjugated the country, and became the capital and the residence of the successive lieutenants of the Abbasid caliphs.

    Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 4 "Bulgaria" to "Calgary"

  • The new town speedily became a place of importance, and was the residence of the náibs, or lieutenants, appointed by the orthodox and Omayyad caliphs.

    Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 4 "Bulgaria" to "Calgary"

  • The territory now occupied by these Chaldeans belonged once to the ancient Sassanid Empire of Persia, later Omayyad and then the

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 3: Brownson-Clairvaux

  • I, a scion of the Omayyad stock, who had escaped the slaughter of his family by the Abassids, when the latter founded the Caliphate of

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 14: Simony-Tournon


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