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  • n. See corn borer.


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  • We will also add a "OperationContract" called "GetStudents", which is a public function that takes an integer value indicating the number of student records to retrieve from the WCF service.

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  • Please note that the 'OperationContract' is defined as 'IsOneWay' true. interface IHelloWorldService {

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  • IsOneWay property on the OperationContract attribute.

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  • ServiceModel; [ServiceContract] IService1 [OperationContract] string

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  • Modify the contents of IService1.cs to be the following code: { [ServiceContract] public interface IService1 { [OperationContract] string ReverseStringstring stringToReverse; } }

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  • NET, and each method to be exposed via the service endpoint is marked with the [OperationContract] attribute.

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  • You expose some methods as OperationContract, which client can access using proxy.

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  • [OperationContract] public List GetCustomers (int numberToFetch) using (NorthwindEntities context = new NorthwindEntities ()) var cust = context.

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  • To make sure we can invoke our service through a HTTP verb, and the response can be returned in basic XML, we need to add some attributes to our OperationContract:

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  • [OperationContract] void SendVideo (UserVideo userVideo) source.



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