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  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the family Oriolidae — the Old World orioles.

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  • proper n. The type genus of the Oriolidae.

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  • n. A genus of orioles: formerly applied with little discrimination to many yellow birds of both hemispheres, now restricted to Oriolus galbula and closely related species, typical of the Oriolidæ. See first cut under oriole.

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  • n. type genus of the Oriolidae


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  • Pale-capped pigeon Columba punicea (VU) in the evergreen forest, green peafowl Pavo muticus (VU) and silver oriole Oriolus mellianus (VU) in the dipterocarp/deciduous forest and masked finfoot Heliopais personata (VU) from the riverside are resident. 53 species are considered nationally threatened or near threatened, including four species of hornbill, Siamese fireback pheasant Lophura diardi, the rare silver pheasant Lophura nycthemera and the mountain imperial pigeon Ducula badia.

    Dong Phayayan Khao-Yai Forest Complex, Thailand

  • Silver oriole (Oriolus traillii) is a restricted range species that visits forested hillsides during the summer months.

    Jian Nan subtropical evergreen forests

  • Only two of the strict endemics are threatened (IUCN categories VU and above): green racquet-tail Prioniturus luconensis and Isabela oriole Oriolus isabellae.

    Luzon rain forests

  • Less rare, but still notable bird species that occur are the olive-flanked robin-chat (Cossypha anomala macclounii), moustached green tinker bird (Pogoniulus leucomystax), and the green headed oriole (Oriolus chlorocephalus).

    South Malawi montane forest-grassland mosaic

  • Forest areas are characterized with blackcock (Lyrurus tetrix), and other forest birds (Dendrocopos major, Oriolus oriolus, Columba palumbus, Streptopelia turtur, Parus cyanus, Phoenicurus phoenicurus, Anthus trivialis) and others.

    Kazakh upland

  • Other birds considered as near-endemic to this ecoregion include dark-headed oriole (Oriolus monacha), Abyssinian catbird (Parophasma galinieri), Abyssinian slaty flycatcher (Dioptrornis chocolatinus), and yellow-fronted parrot (Poicephalus flavifrons).

    Ethiopian montane forests

  • Paradises aurea and Oriolus aureus by the old naturalists, and is now generally placed in the same genus as the Regent Bird of

    The Malay Archipelago

  • The fine fig-trees of the avenues, where a market was held, were tenanted by superb orioles (Oriolus broderpii) of a rich orange colour, and peculiar to this island and the adjacent ones of Sumbawa and Flores.

    The Malay Archipelago

  • At Gundamuck observed Oriolus; it differs in plumage and voice from the

    Journals of Travels in Assam, Burma, Bhootan, Afghanistan and the Neighbouring Countries

  • All the Indian orioles (_Oriolus kundoo_) disappear from the Punjab and the United Provinces in winter.

    A Bird Calendar for Northern India


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