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Osama bin Laden


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  • Before most Americans had heard the name Osama bin Laden, Israel's Mossad was on to him.

    Killing Terror Leaders: Israel's Experience

  • But now that the name Osama bin Laden had become synonymous with mass murder, boarding a plane with his family members was another story entirely.

    House of Bush, House of Saud

  • Or were they referring to Osama bin Laden as Geronimo because he Osama evaded capture for a decade, just as Geronimo did for 25 years in the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico?

    Jay Tavare: Geronimo

  • As more information came in, we were released from school early, and I spent the remainder of the night watching television, learning the name of Osama bin Laden.

    Kevin Bunkley: History Can Still Matter in America

  • So, you know, this al Qaeda after all, you know, is founded by somebody called Osama bin Laden, whose family original mates in Yemen.

    CNN Transcript Jan 3, 2010

  • According to the story I read on the Internet, Osama Bin Laden (the elephant, not the well-known billionaire bachelor extremist whom we tend to think of first when we hear the name Osama bin Laden) was ten feet tall, approximately 45-50 years old, and generally kept to himself when not destroying houses and/or trampling people to the point where they were dead or seriously close to being dead.

    Dave Hill: Osama bin Laden the Elephant

  • According to court records, Jaballah told the judge: "The first time I heard the name Osama bin Laden was when the embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were blown up."

    Terror Test Case

  • DOBBS: It certainly would seem to be the priority, but then again a lot of people have forgotten the name Osama bin Laden, as well.

    CNN Transcript Feb 5, 2007

  • The mere mention of the name Osama bin Laden, so conspicuously absent from the news in recent years, is enough to make one's blood curdle, and the hair on the back of one's neck stand up.

    Manufacturing Fear

  • I think most of our viewers will say you can't believe a word Osama bin Laden says.

    CNN Transcript May 23, 2006


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