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  • adj. Of or pertaining to Osiris.


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  • This opens the possibility that the syndarion is a part of an Osirian theme, with it corresponding to the funerary mask of Osiris.

    John On The Sudarion

  • Note the sight of an angel where Jesus' head had been and another where his feet had been in Jn 20:12--which evokes the conventional Osirian motif of he, while dead, having one figure mourning at his head and another mourning at his feet.

    John On The Sudarion

  • There perhaps is a subtle Osirian theme in this part of John.

    John On The Sudarion

  • Adopting as sober and authentic history an Osirian-Hebrew myth which Philo and a host of Rabbis explain away, each after his own fashion, Christianity dwells, lovingly as it were, upon the “Fall” of man325 and seems to revel in the contemptible condition to which “original sin” condemned him; thus grovelling before God ad majorem Dei gloriam.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • Burckhardt (Travels in Nubia p. 5) records the local legend that a mighty King called Al – Wujud built the Osirian temples.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • In Unyamwezi I found all the standing bedsteads of pole-sleepers and bark-slabs disposed at an angle of about 20 degrees for the purpose of draining off the huge pottle-fulls of Pome (Osirian beer) drained by the occupants; and, comminxit lectum potus might be said of the whole male population.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • Her regal burial equipment -- wholly Osirian in character and most likely prepared for a Theban interment -- was also drawn upon to prepare a burial for Tutankhamun.

    Another New Tomb in the Valley of the Kings?

  • Notice the conceptual parallel here: Sirius announcing the coming of the flood/Osirian resurrection and Arnie announcing his intention to become governor of California the name “Schwarzenegger” being very “black” resonates with Osiris being the god of death/blackness.

    I Feel Earthquakes More Often Than They Happen

  • All kinds of anomalies in Human History, from the longevity of the Sumerian Kings, ancient Deities, including Enki and Enlil, Jawheh and Loki, Egypt's Osirian Dynasty and the puzzling collapse of the first Dynasty and the rise of the second, all these things and many more can be explained in one sentence:

    catpewk Diary Entry

  • The scholars might have gotten the date wrong, or Jesus might be nothing more than an Osirian-Essene-Mithraic myth.

    There Will Be Time


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