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  • n. The other realms of existence beyond the world of mankind, especially the realms of the dead or the fairy folk.


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  • In these worlds-what you call the Otherworld-the farther one gets from the World Beyond, the more enmeshed time and space become.


  • Mythology is the science of the unscientific man's explanation of what we call the Otherworld -- itself and its denizens, their mysterious habits and surprising actions both there and here, usually including the creation of this world also.

    Myths and Legends of China

  • It soon became obvious, though, that Storm Born’s Otherworld is nothing like Abhorsen’s Death, being much more like a colorful fairyland from folk tales, not to mention that finding a person in Otherworld takes much more time and labor.

    Richelle Mead - Storm Born (Book Review)

  • This time around, Eugenie spends most of her days in Otherworld, since she is now the Thorn Queen there.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • When she crosses over Eugenie finds herself the target of almost every male in Otherworld for they know she is the Dark Swan; the focus of a key prophesy involving a child she will birth.

    Storm Born-Richelle Mead « The Merry Genre Go Round Reviews

  • Meanwhile, it turns out the magical Otherworld is located conveniently in New York's sewers where Prince Nuada (Luke Goss) of the Tuatha Dé Danann spends his time brooding and practicing some impressive elvish wire-fu with his expandable magic spear.

    Movie Review: Hellboy II: The Golden Army

  • So, in a way, a client asking her to find his sister in the dangerous, gentry-inhabited Otherworld, is a good thing …

    Richelle Mead - Storm Born (Book Review)

  • It can summon the headless warrior, the greatest swordsman in Otherworld with the spell, ‘come forth warrior, the battle has just begun,’ and to send him away, it’s ‘leave warrior, this battle is done.’

    Superhero Nation: how to write superhero novels and comic books » David’s Second Review Forum

  • In the Mystery Realms that those in the World Beyond called the Otherworld, time was a strange and malleable thing.


  • Two new installments in the "Otherworld" series by a Bellevue writer.

    The Seattle Times


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