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  • proper n. A male given name.


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From German Otto, short form of compound names beginning with Germanic od-,ot- "wealth, riches" (cognate of English Ed-).


  • Company co-founder and CEO, Chris A. Otto, will be speaking during a panel presentation titled "PERS 2.0", a term Otto and Halo

    PRWeb - Daily News Feed

  • I'm pretty sure the driver of this bus is Otto from the Simpson's.

    The Mayor's Linkie Love

  • Is anybody else weirded out by how unhappy Otto is at the idea of having to watch movies with Arab characters? otto Says:

    Matthew Yglesias » A Touch of Swarth

  • Otto is 50cm radius and it only weighs only 5 lbs!

    Sumo Lounge – For the Ultimate in Lounging

  • If Otto is reading this - he's gonna be ticked that you don't remember him.

    July 2006

  • Maybe Frazier mixed him up with his cousin Otto, who was a classical conductor in Berlin in the early 1930s before he emigrated to the States.

    Letters to the Editor

  • Kristin Otto of East Germany holds the overall record with six gold medals in the Seoul Olympics. - Swimmer Coughlin poised for pedestal

  • I called Otto up on top and I went to work on Terry while Otto got control of the boat and got on the radio to call the Coast Guard.

    The Narrows

  • 'So why don't you call Otto yourself on the private line?

    Deal Breaker

  • In 1872, however, Emil, who still wished to study physics, was persuaded by his cousin Otto Fischer, to go with him to the newly established University of Strasbourg, where Professor Rose was working on the Bunsen method of analysis.

    Emil Fischer - Biography


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