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  • public-private partnership
  • Intel Pentium III
  • Intel 80386, 386 family
  • Common misspelling of P-3.
  • period 3


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  • I know what Atlus was getting at in P3 by not letting you take control, and while P4 feels a tiny bit lighter in mood, it still feels almost too traditional to let the player micromanage his/her whole party.

    Choices, Choices

  • Meanwhile, as I wind down my last month in P3, I'm actually very much saddened that I'm not going to be able to complete the stories of Kazushi or the Dying Young Man.

    Choices, Choices

  • The social choices this time around are a bit overwhelming, but since the Social Links were the thing I had the most fun with in P3, I'll cherish the opportunity to make tougher choices this time around.

    Choices, Choices

  • The subdeclarations connected by and occur simultaneously, so the name P3 is known inside procedure

    eightface uberfeed

  • But as long as there is the commitment to a P3, that is not possible.

    07 « January « 2009 « Stephen Rees's blog

  • One aspect of the neuroelectric activity of particular interest to researchers is a measure referred to as the P3 potential.

    Physical Activity May Strengthen Children’s Ability To Pay Attention | Impact Lab

  • And unlike everyone else, I hought the P3 was the least ugly out of the bunch of the next gen consoles, and was extremely excited about it.

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Fake PSP grafitti all over the place

  • Now consider P3, which is directly caused by P2 and which we will assume to cause (directly or indirectly) further behavior such as S's utterance of "I am in terrible pain".


  • Labyrin thsP ar adoxesScrab b leF eminine LogicandPoli ticians, otherwise known as P3 for short, knew of a certainty that if he could map the hedge maze, he would find in that map the key to the Great Mysteries of Life, among these being: Why Is It That When You Wash Two Socks You Only End Up With One?

    Dragons of a Fallen Sun

  • Although state officials have said they are open to any type of arrangement for building and operating the Grand Parkway, TxDOT has been moving toward use of a public-private partnership, also known as a P3 agreement, to get faster funding for the multibillion-dollar project. Chronicle


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