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  • abbr. para-aminosalicylic acid


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  • What else could you call a PAS-Umno unity government but a race-exclusive government?

    Planet Malaysia

  • Mr Badawi's moderate coalition (the Barisan Nasional), is facing opposition from a new alliance led by extreme Islamists in a party called PAS who want to introduce hardline Sharia law in Malaysia.

    The Islamist threat in Malaysia has lessons for us all

  • It includes the left-leaning, mostly ethnic-Chinese Democratic Action Party and the Malay-centered fundamentalist Parti Islam, known as PAS, as well as Mr. Anwar's own secularist People's Justice Party.

    Anwar Attracts More Supporters

  • The PAS is a voluntary scheme to record archaeological objects found by members of the public in England and Wales.

    National Archaeology Week in the United Kingdom

  • Gardner himself who coined PAS has made some rather ugly statements such as “there is a bit of pedophilia in every one of us.”

    A bunch of links

  • The other components of the coalition are the Democratic Action Party, which draws its support from the Chinese minority, and an Islamic party known as PAS, whose religious conservatism alienates many liberal Malays.

    The Economist: Daily news and views

  • The dwelling, called PAS House after the client's initials, looks like a long low-ceilinged oval from the side, with the living room at one end, a central chamber that contains a bedroom and bathroom and, at the other end, a dedicated skateboarding area.

    NYT > Home Page

  • Among these products are D-PAS, which is a state-of-the-art digital pen and paper technology based on Anoto technology, used to capture hand written information into digital forms and EMR systems and PAS Data Center, which is a terminal solution that allows health care providers to quickly and easily determine benefit eligibility.


  • The PAS is a hybrid of the PA and the RFA in that it offers dedicated funds, typically for the first Fiscal Year (i.e., all three rounds of receipt dates), and then extends like a regular PA for the additional two years.

    ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science

  • The PAS is a joint program in which aboriginal groups and the government work co-operatively to identify ecologically sensitive areas.

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed


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