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  • pulse code modulation, the system of encoding sound on a telephone for use in the PSTN, using a compander
  • Phase Change Memory, a type of non-volatile computer memory
  • Per Calendar Month, acronym used in lease arrangements, stating that costs are to be paid on a fixed date every month.


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  • In the title PCM owns 63 per cent of the share, while Wegener has a minority of 37 per cent of the share; yet both have an equal say of 50 per cent in the venture.

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • Conventionally, PCM is worked by changing phase change materials 'structure through applying an electric current.

    short they were, and murky-eyed

  • We're going to get to the limit of scalability on conventional DRAM and Flash memory structures, so PCM is a promising technology to drive future advances in faster, smaller memory and spintronics, probably enabling always-on computing.

    short they were, and murky-eyed

  • The technology is called phase-change memory, or PCM, which is seen as an alternative to flash.

    IBM Makes Breakthrough in Memory to Store Data

  • The company said it is optimistic about the outlook for PCM, which is likely to be a successor to all memory products used in computers and consumer electronics devices.

    DIGITIMES: IT news from Asia

  • I use to have a Treo and now have a HTC Touch and install a keyboard call PCM keyword it works just like a IPhone keyboard.

    Mobility Today

  • S / PDIF can only carry 2 channels of PCM, which is why you're getting stereo sound.

    High-Def Digest: All High-Def Disc News

  • The cameras put the video (and usually PCM aka RAW audio) in either Quicktime (MOV) or AVI containers. Forum

  • Adding phase-change memory, sometimes called PCM, PRAM, or ovonics, therefore would be quite a departure in the history of computing.

    ZDNet Asia Latest Tech News

  • When playing either of these sources, the display on the receiver says "PCM".

    Home Theater Forum


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