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  • abbr. pentachloronitrobenzene


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  • *It must be said that the Bruce Lee battle occurred PCNB, or "Pre-Chuck Norris Beard".

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  • Dichlone, Dicloran, PCNB or Thiabendazole around early to mid-bloom.

    Chapter 10

  • · Applying Benlate or PCNB over the seed furrow after planting to give good control.

    Chapter 10

  • Root rot caused by Rhizoctonia solani: North Carolina State University recommends PCNB at 100-150 grams active ingredient per 1000 meters of row length applied at planting time to the seed and surrounding furrow soil.

    Chapter 10

  • Root and stem rot caused by Sclerosium rolfsii: Application of PCNB at 3. 4-4.4 kg/ha of active ingredient to the seed and surrounding soil at planting has proven effective in Brazil (CIAT data).

    Chapter 10

  • When applying PCNB at early pegging, direct the spray so that it reaches the soil at the base of the plants.

    Chapter 10

  • Some fungicides like PCNB (Terrachlor), Vitavax (Carboxin), and Benlate (benomyl) can be applied as sprays or dusts to the seed furrow or to the row during crop growth to control certain fungal stem and root rots.

    Chapter 10

  • Vitavax (carboxin) and PCNB (Terrachlor) are sometimes applied to the seed furrow at planting or to the row soil during crop growth to control soil-borne diseases like Southern stem rot and root rot.

    Chapter 10

  • · Applications of soil fungicides like PCNB (Terrachlor) and Vitavax (Carboxin) in a band over the row at planting or at early pegging stage.

    Chapter 10

  • Significant expense in Q3 responding to the urgent demand for our mosquito products, a sales mixed shift compared to the prior year with higher percentage of our sales in large volume products like Metam and PCNB, will continue to impact or fuel price increases. Home Page


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