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  • Partido Comunista de Venezuela
  • positive crankcase ventilation


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  • As for how much good a Peace Corps experience does, I suspect that in many cases what it does for the PCV is as important if not more important than what it does for the host country.

    On My Way To Work…

  • Depending on your school, part of your job as a PCV is to talk to your students about HIV/AIDS, women in development/gender and diversity, environmentalism, etc.

    Ten Things I wish I knew before I came to China « Peace Corps: China

  • - Yet another PCV is getting married – this one to an HCN (Host Country National = Uzbek).

    Good News Update

  • The other university in town where another PCV is has about 40,000 students at it.

    photocopies « Peace Corps: China

  • But for some reason I just can’t bring myself to make the “escape call”, I am starting to think that being a PCV is grounds for an insanity plea.

    Observations: Grade 1 and Life. « Lntaylor’s Weblog

  • - Another PCV has been there and SHE was very successful

    Archive 2007-08-01

  • And the PCV is a religion; religions do not die that easily.

    Political opportunism under Chavez: PODEMOS rats changing ships

  • One of the important documents of the intraparty debate on renovation vs. orthodoxy that finally split the PCV was a short book on the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia by a former guerrilla leader, Teodoro Petkoff, who was denounced in Pravda just before the PCV split and later by Leonid Brezhnev, in his speech to the Twenty-fourth Congress of the Soviet Communist Party, for "nationalist tendencies [with] an anti-soviet character."

    Carnival in Caracas

  • Petkoff bitterly recalls the PCV's efforts in January, 1958, to organize a popular uprising against the Pérez Jimenez dictatorship,

    Carnival in Caracas

  • Since then, the history of the PCV is a political history and it is also the history of men who faced the terror of Gomez, and of Perez Jimenez, who directed the insurrection of 23 January of 1958, who, thanks (words indistinct) Fidel Castro, received a plane loaded with arms, when he was still in the Sierra Maestra, and who in the past eight years have not spared their lives.



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