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  • n. the cycle of Plan-Do-Check-Act, four-step solving process typically used in quality control.


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  • As a teacher, Deming created a diagram to illustrate this continuous process, commonly known as the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle:

    Plan, do, check, act model

  • A series of steps called PDCA plan-do-check-act provides the feedback necessary to adjust our course.

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  • By going through the same sequence for four production runs, participants practice the idea of PDCA and conduct an effective meeting by using the glass wall.

    Results FROM THE Heart

  • Making mistakes means you're trying and if you learn from your mistakes (following what Deming disciples and Lean thinkers would know as the PDCA process), you'll get further than if you waited for the perfect solution.

    Lean Blog

  • Also begin to • Monitor and display performance measures • Conduct daily production meetings in the pilot area Step 8: Educate the pilot implementation team, and selected others, in the total quality control problem-solving process called PDCA (Plan - Do-Check-Action).

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  • Closing the "PDCA" loop to see if changes had the intended benefits.

    Lean Blog

  • It also closely resembles the PDCA loop, though “frustration” may be more appropriate than “act.” tasha Says:

    How to get unstuck.

  • The Japanese changed the terminology slightly to Plan-Do-Check-Act, or PDCA, calling it The Deming Wheel.

    The Elegant Solution

  • While Toyota officially recognizes only PDCA, they actually use all of these to some degree.

    The Elegant Solution

  • PDCA tried to call all of its CWP article statements “opinion” because “Lindsey” was plainly a callow youth and prefaced all her statements about her supposed job with “I think.”

    Fresh as paint or false as paint?


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