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  • A mnemonic used by mathematics students to remember the order of operations: parentheses, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction.


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  • At least JT had "PEMDAS" written on his board, but it was obvious that the challenge only did the math left to right,

    Survivor: Samoa

  • In "scientific" view, it performs them according to PEMDAS.

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  • The acronym for the Pretentious Order of Operations is of course "CCI," which is much easier to remember than PEMDAS.

    Heat-Addled: Cooler Heads Will Prevail

  • If people are going to make pointless fashion-based upgrades, I strongly believe they should at least follow some sort of mandatory order, kind of like PEMDAS in math.

    Anarchy Or Irony? The Veneer of Rebellion

  • According to both the book and the forumite I asked, I would be wrong and that, when either multiplication and division are joined, or when addition and subtraction are joined, PEMDAS does not apply.

    Wired Campus

  • I do not understand why PEMDAS is not invoked universally.

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  • I wanted to work it this way: 8/2 * 3 = x, (invoke PEMDAS) 8/(2*3) = x, 8/6 = 1.33, x = 1.33

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  • What a cool discovery by wild_rose; the PEMDAS lesson was ... interesting, too.

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  • Another grouping symbol for PEMDAS is the fraction bar.

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